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Safe Swaps with Shaklee

Beautycounter was more than a job, it was community, it was my values, and it was a means to help you and those unable to access safer products through legislative change. And while nothing can ever replace Beautycounter (and I fully plan to continue my partnership when they re-open), I know we all can’t wait that long. So I researched to find a brand that could possibly align with ethics, product quality, testing, and customer satisfaction. And I’m excited to share that I found the diamond in the rough! 

I still have so much to learn and share with you but for now I want to share what I know and some clean swaps you can ORDER NOW to cover you until Beautycounter comes back. I’m excited by many things that this company offers. First, they are the original, eco-friendly and carbon neutral wellness brand, with clinical and safety 3rd party testing, and EWG verified skincare, makeup and soon cleaning products!  Second, they have been around since Dr. Shaklee invented the first “vitamin” in 1915 and became the first company powered by people to distribute it globally. Impressive!


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